Academic Research

Prof. Gabriele’s research is generally concerned with religion, violence, nostalgia, and apocalypse (in various combinations), both in the medieval & modern worlds. See his academic CV for a full list of his work or look below for summaries.


Prof. Gabriele has published articles on apocalypticism and the emperor Otto III, the image of Charlemagne in the Oxford Song of Roland, the anti-Jewish violence of the First Crusade, the use of memory by King Philip I (1060-1108) of Francia, the intellectual formation of Pope Urban II (1088-99), the use of prophecy in chronicles of the First Crusade, the problems inherent in contemporary Crusade Studies, and the ghosts of 19th-century historiography. All of his academic articles are available for free as PDFs


The Bright Ages: A New History of the Medieval World, with David M. Perry (Harper, 2021), forthcoming.

The Bright Ages tells a story about the Middle Ages as one of complexity, one that in our telling begins under a blanket of stars, constructed by an empress who was at once Germanic, Roman, Spanish, Byzantine, and Christian. It ends in a cathedral, in front of an emperor who rules over most of Europe and the Americas, with a modern humanist arguing for enslavement of the American natives and a medieval friar arguing for religious tolerance and peace. In between, it confronts all the things people “know” about the Middle Ages – vikings, cathedrals, kings, and crusades – with the most recent research made digestible and woven into a coherent story by the 2 most visible medieval historians writing in English, each with a long history of both academic rigor and public engagement. 

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An Empire of Memory: The Legend of Charlemagne, the Franks, and Jerusalem before the First Crusade (Oxford UP, 2011).

“As with all the best exercises in intellectual archaeology, Gabriele’s book raises as many questions as it claims to answer. It is a monograph in the very best sense of the term, showing how a field that some might presume mined to exhaustion can still yield up a rich, albeit highly speculative seam of ore.” — Nicholas Vincent, History

The Legend of Charlemagne in the Middle Ages: Power, Faith, and Crusade, ed. Matthew Gabriele and Jace Stuckey (Palgrave, 2008). Buy from Palgrave or Amazon.
Where Heaven and Earth Meet: Essays on Medieval Europe in Honor of Daniel F. Callahan, ed. Michael Frassetto, Matthew Gabriele, and John Hosler (Brill, 2014). Buy from Brill or Amazon.
The Charlemagne Legend in Medieval Latin Texts copy
The Charlemagne Legend in Medieval Latin Texts, ed. William J. Purkis and Matthew Gabriele (Boydell, 2016). Buy from Boydell or Amazon.
Apocalypse and Reform from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages, ed. James T. Palmer and Matthew Gabriele (Routledge, 2019). Buy from Routledge or Amazon.